Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baseball Season

L. played his first year of coach-pitch baseball this year, and K. played his first year of T-ball. They both enjoyed it very much and both improved a lot as the season went on.

Sweet Boys

The boys love each other so much! I love watching them together. L. and K. are so good about coming and clapping and playing with N..

I'm finally back!

Okay, so the last time I blogged it was the first day of school. We just finished the last day of school a few days ago! I think I need to get a little better about posting here! Well, I will post some cute pictures of the last year in no particular order.

Friday, September 17, 2010

1st Day of School

Here's the boys on the first day of school! N. is starting 5th grade now. L. is in 1st grade, and K. is in preschool. I am homeschooling L. and K. The boys were waiting with N. for his bus to come. Can you see me hiding behind N. to help him stand up?!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

N. is really making strides!!

I think the smile on N.'s face says it all. He has been doing soooooo well walking independently now! This was taken at our friend's house, and it was so cute because every time N. would take one or two steps everyone would burst into applause. N. was LOVING the attention! He will walk quite a bit further than that, but he was playing the crowd! I am so proud of N.. He really teaches me that with enough perseverance you can do step at a time.

K. Turns 3 (back in January, I'm a little late posting!)

Here's our big boy turning 3!

He is tipping the scales at 35.5 pounds!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Letter to the Christ Child

This year instead of writing a letter to Santa, I suggested that L. write a letter the the Christ Child. I told him that after he wrote the letter we would put it on the windowsill and the angels would take it up to heaven and give it to Jesus. His letter was so sweet, I thought I would share it. Here is what my 5 year-old told me to write:

Dear Christ Child,
I want to buy a GeoTrax with an airplane and a remote control. I love everybody. I will give everyone who is in the hospital a band-aid. They can come to my house and eat my food and my dessert too. I want to give God a present. I will give him a GeoTrax and help each other.
I love God and Jesus and baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph. I love Daddy and you, N., and K., myself, and St. George, and God, and St. Nicholas, and St. Martin de Porres.
I am thankful for my house. I love Baby Jesus.


Monday, January 12, 2009

March for Life

This is a video that I made to show at a pancake breakfast our church was having. I was trying to encourage more people to attend the March in Washington, D.C.. My husband coordinated the bus that went from our parish. Hopefully Obama will choose to support life and not follow through on his promises to repeal any anti-abortion law currently in place. Please pray for an end to abortion.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So Hard to Say Goodbye

A few weeks ago we had to say goodbye to our very dear friends. L. mentions them serveral times a week and is obviously missing them. I know the feeling! While I am sad they had to move, I know that this is God's plan for them. I know they will touch countless people in their new place, just as they did here!

A proud Mommy!

Our homeschool group was collecting canned goods to donate to the local food bank and I told L. about it. I asked L. if he wanted to use his own money to buy some food for people who are less fortunate than us. He quickly agreed. He had been saving his money for a long time to buy a special toy and he had $16 of his own money saved up. We had just recently bought tons of canned food at Walmart, so I took him to the pantry and told him each can cost 5o cents. He ended up selecting $6 worth of canned goods with his money. The part that made me so proud was at the end of our "shopping trip," I reiterated to him that he could keep all the money for himself to get the toy he wanted, or buy the food. I was very careful not to put any pressure on him or make him feel guilty etc.. At first he said he wanted to keep his money, and I told him that was no problem. Then he sat there for a minute and said "but if I keep the money, then some people won't have any food to eat, and I don't want that. I want to buy the food." Don't you just love moments like that when your kids make you so proud?!